TN TRB AEEO Syllabus – English

Social History of England History of English Literature British Literature American Literature Indian Writing in English Literary Forms Language
and Linguistics

Teacher Recruitment Board Exam Syllabus – Mathematics
Algebra Analytical Geometry and Trigonometry Differential Equations Calculus Vector Analysis and Analytical Solid Geometry Modern Algebra Real Analysis Complex Analysis Statics Dynamics

Tamil Nadu TRB AEEO Exam Syllabus – Physics
Thermal Physics and Acoustics Mechanics, Properties of Matter and Mathematical Methods Optics Magnetism and Electricity Modern Physics Spectroscopy Basic Quantum Mechanics and Relativity Nuclear Physics Materials Science Electronics

TN Teacher Recruitment Board AEEO Syllabus – Chemistry
Inorganic Chemistry I Inorganic Chemistry II Organic Chemistry I Organic Chemistry II Physical Chemistry I Physical Chemistry II Industrial Chemistry Biological Chemistry Pharmaceutical Chemistry Analytical Chemistry

TN TRB Asst Elementary Educational Officer Exam Syllabus – Botany
Algae and Fungi Lichens, Plant Viruses, Bacteria and Plant Diseases Bryophytes, Pteridophytes, Gymnosperms and Paleobotany Taxonomy of Angiosperms Plant Anatomy and Embryology Cell Biology and Genetics Plant Breeding and Evolution Plant Bio-Chemistry and Plant Physiology Ecology and Toxicology Biotechnology–GeneticEngineeri

Tamil Nadu TRB AEEO Syllabus Pdf – Zoology
Life and Diversity of Animals Life and Diversity of Animals Cell Biology Genetics And Biotechnology Developmental Biology and Immunology Animal Physiology Environmental Biology Aquaculture, Sericulture, Apiculture, Pisciculture, and Land and Water as Biological Media Endocrinology Microbiology

Tamil Nadu TRB Asst Elementary Educational Officer Syllabus – History
Main Currents in Indian History from Early times to A.D.1984 An Outline History of Tamil Nadu up to A.D. 1987 History of Europe from A.D. 1453 to 1990

Tamil Nadu TRB AEEO Syllabus – Geography
Geomorphology Climatology Oceanography Human Geography Economic Geography Regional Geography of the World with Special Reference to India Cartography Remote Sensing and Geographical Information Systems Environmental Geography Disaster Management
Note - Its old syllabus only .. It may change we have to wait for the official syllabus.